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Upcoming Class! The Write Way: Mindful Writing with Susan Lebel Young

The Write Way: Mindful Writing with Susan Lebel Young
a free class on Tuesdays from 10 am-12 noon  Falmouth Memorial Library, Falmouth, Maine
March 21, 28 & April 11, 18
Register online.

Have you wanted to write, but honestly don’t think you know how? Have you meant to keep a journal just can’t get started?  Are you afraid to write because you think it might be no good?  
This four-week group is for all of us, writers and non-writers alike. The only requirement is a desire to start.  Come with all your doubts. Come with all your reasons why you “can’t.” We will approach writing from a mindfulness perspective; that is, open to whatever comes into your mind and onto the page, no judging if it’s good or bad. It won’t be about grammar, sentence structure, or spelling.
Bring your willingness to move that pen, the pen, a notebook, and a yoga mat. Writing flows from the breath and body when the awareness and attention of mindfulness leads. So we will sink in and center on total acceptance before we sit down and write. 
Susan Lebel Young, MSEd, MSC is the author of FOOD FIX: ANCIENT NOURISHMENT FOR MODERN HUNGERS and LESSONS FROM A GOLFER: A DAUGHTER’S STORY OF OPENING THE HEART.  She has taught mindfulness for fifteen years. If you have questions, she can be reached through her web site


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