smooth zen stone agains rust colored sand

Wise Eating, Self-Acceptance, Heart Nourishment & Presence


No more advice
Let yourself be silently drawn
by the stronger pull
of what you really love.

—–Jelaluddin Rumi

More than 45 million Americans are on a diet at any time, spending more than a billion dollars yearly to face issues with food, body, body image and weight. In struggling to nourish ourselves, many of us suffer greatly.

The more frenzied the world becomes, the greater our need for ways to reduce stress.

We are caretakers and caregivers of others, while we yearn to care for ourselves.

There is a simpler way.

Sunrise over Portland Maine

“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” –Thoreau – Walden Pond


My goal as a writer–in books and in my blog, Nourishing Bytes– is to deepen and broaden the work of self-discovery and self-acceptance, for me and for you, the reader.  To wake us up, you might say.

It is important work and it can take a while. For most of us, it feels good to have some guides and some support.

After years of creating stress for myself, after decades of emotional eating, through all the times I seemed to know nothing, one thing I now know for sure:

It’s About More than Food

It’s about more than food and food advice.  Of course, I want to help any of us to stop thinking of ourselves as failures when we gain two pounds. Yet I do not write only about food. My intention is to help you settle into what you actually know for yourself and to trust it, to believe in it and, finally, to believe in yourself.

It’s About Being Awake

Through my books, blog and poetry, and through the mindful and heartful awareness that arise as you pay close attention to your life, I hope I can help you awaken to what truly nourishes you.