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Lessons from a Golfer: A Daughter's Story of Opening the Heart

vintage photo of the author's father as a child playing with blocks

The author’s father as a child playing with blocks

A book of lessons from a Dad to his daughter told in the language of golf.

Building blocks. We all need them. When I showed this photo to my dad, then in his 80s, he smiled and said, “I loved to play with blocks.”

He started here and built his life. He shaped mine and then he got sick.  Really really sick.  I thought he was dying and I knew I would never forgive myself if he died without my telling him how much his building blocks had fortressed me. I wanted to write this love letter to him in his language, which was golf.

Lessons From a Golfer is our story and yet it is universal; 

Lessons from a Golfer cover

Lessons from a Golfer

the love of a daughter for her Dad; the blocks, one by one, letter by letter, of the lessons he taught me. One block at a time, or—-as he would say—one tee shot, one putt at a time, one hole at time—I tell the story of my terror through his open heart surgery that those the blocks would crumble, and how his spirit kept me going.

Lessons from A Golfer shows how the human heart can open in heart-wrenching circumstances, that it is possible to listen to our hearts and to learn and grow even in situations that can break our hearts. It is for those who love their Dads, for those who love golf and for those who want to learn, in the midst of life’s toughest times, to let the heart open.