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Stopping in a Go Go Go World

Peace and freedom come from seeing our inner light and from commitment to calming rituals which soothe the nervous system rather than agitate it, that settle the mind beyond impulsivity.

From Food Fix

You can stop over-eating

You can stop worrying

You can stop over-thinking

At the heart of becoming what we can is the ancient art of stopping.

Imagine stopping at a yellow light. Imagine how you might get hit from behind by the rush of traffic. In this culture, we don’t stop so much.

Practice, here and there, all day between phone calls, before buckling the seat belt, after emptying the groceries, during those moments you might otherwise grab the cookie you don’t really want or yell at that neighbor.

In mindfulness training, the call is to stop, to turn to our breath or our bodies so we can observe the adorable child right in front of us or notice the scent of our blueberry tea.

In learning to stop, we can stop the war within.