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LIFE, UNWOUND: Practice makes progress

I am really good at starting, mainly things I hope to do better. Knit. Write books. Read French. But soon something happens, something like, “Naah, I-don’wanna.”

Then I hand over the yarn to my sister, make book-idea folders, or shelve a half-read L’Etranger. I launch into online courses, too, those that pledge to answer the very questions I ponder as the ads appear: “Achieve inner peace,” or “Lose those last five pounds.”

If I join this summit or that lecture series, I often quit because I-don’wanna chant Om or drink seaweed smoothies. Mostly our instincts know what works for us anyway. So, with the self-kindness of a mindfulness student, we can note the resistance, the “I-don’wanna,” then listen for what we already know: “contact the still place within; eat more fruits and veggies.”

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