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What about Bone Broth?

This is the first time I’ve ever posted a “guest blog.” I love the work of Ruth Heidrich, PhD. She has wonderful books and an easy to read $5.00 E-book. Check out her site. And then THIS–all the way to the great last line!

Ruth Heidrich, PhD.
I just answered an email question from a cancer patient about one of the latest fads, bone broth. Here’s my take on it:
It is too easy to get confused when researching the internet as there are so many charlatans making bundles of money selling ridiculous products. I’m afraid bone broth is one of them. Think about it: bone is made by an animal. The minerals in bone are not created by the animal, they come from the plants that the animal eats, and the plants get them from the earth — the original source of all minerals. Carnivorous animals eat prey, vegetarian animals, so the ultimate source of minerals is still plants. That’s where we get all the minerals in our own bones — plants!
As for collagen that people think is good for you, it is no more than a protein made up of amino acids, so when you drink bone broth with collagen, your protein enzymes break down the collagen into amino acids which, again, all come from plants. (Same story with muscle as with bone — ultimate source always plants.) Your body makes its own collagen, so trying to eat it just breaks it down and, besides, does no good in fighting your cancer. (Similar story as to why eating hair doesn’t cure baldness!)

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